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IBM  Data Storage Solutions

Have the best in data storage technologies. Have IBM Flash Storage and IBM Tape Storage Solutions for your business.

IBM Flash Storage is engineered to meet modern high-performance storage requirements: ultra-low latency, cost-effectiveness, operational efficiency, and mission-critical reliability.

● Improve your business agility with flash storage and heterogeneous data services ●

● Scale capacity quickly and easily into the petabyte range with high-density enclosures ●

● Transform the economics of data storage using IBM Real-time Compression™1 ●

● Optimize tiered storage—with IBM Easy Tier® ●

● Address security needs by encrypting data on existing storage ●

● Enable near-continuous availability of applications through dynamic migration ●

● Reduce management effort with an advanced graphical user interface and a wide range of affordable, easy-to-deploy storage systems ●

IBM tape storage means better data economics. You gain scalability, durability, security, and energy efficiency at a compellingly lower cost than other media.

● Provide high-capacity storage backup and long-term data retention with low total cost of ownership ●

● Store removable cartridges to protect them from viruses, sabotage and corruption; and support scalability by simply adding more tape cartridges, versus drives ●

● Add data protection by moving portable media off-site; and shorten backup windows and enable rapid data restores with virtual tape ●

● Address security compliance requirements using encryption and Write Once Read Many (WORM) technologies

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