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IBM tape storage. WHY?

As the global market leader, IBM offers a full range of tape storage solutions. These include drives, autoloaders, libraries, virtual tape systems, and IBM Spectrum Archive software, which can make tape as simple to use as disk.

IBM Storage Media 

IBM storage media solutions are designed to help reduce your costs while providing you with the assurance that your data is safe and secure.
IBM extensively tests their media on IBM tape drives and libraries to drive manufacturing and quality improvements.

Enterprise storage media

IBM 3592 tape cartridge

Enterprise high-capacity tape media is designed for reliability and supports media re-use by enabling the drive to reformat and upgrade prior generation media cartridges.

IBM 3490E tape cartridge

Legacy enterprise IBM magnetic media provides 36-track serpentine longitudinal recording technique for improved capacity, performance, and reliability.

IBM 3590/3950E tape cartridge

Legacy enterprise tape storage media provides outstanding capacity, performance and reliability in 128-, 256- or 384-track formats.

Midrange storage media

IBM LTO 7 data cartridge

Delivers 6 TB native capacity and up to 15 TB of compressed capacity.

IBM LTO 6 data cartridge

Delivers 2.5 TB native capacity and up to 6.25 TB of compressed capacity.

IBM LTO 5 data cartridge

Provides up to 3 TB (with 2:1 compression) of capacity in a single cartridge.

IBM LTO data cartridge 4 to 1

Provides 200 GB to 1.6 GB of compressed capacity.

Legacy midrange storage media

IBM-certified Super LDT and DLT tape IV cartridges

High-capacity general-purpose storage cartridges are backward-compatible with earlier IBM DLT drives.

IBM 3996 Optical Cartridge

Ultra-density disc technology provides 30GB capacity for reliable, long-term archival storage.

IBM 3570 tape cartridges and magazines

High-performance, high-reliability tape storage is designed for midrange and server-based environments.

Legacy entry storage media 

IBM-Certified 8mm Data Cartridges

Provides ultra-reliable cartridges with outstanding price/performance and tape coating to improve readability.

IBM-Certified QIC 5.25" MLR/SLR Data Cartridges

Provides advanced mirror optics, advanced media binder process, stringent wheel-pin perpendicularity and servo writing.

IBM-Certified Travan Format Data Cartridges

Provides advanced mirror optics, advanced media binder process, stringent wheel-pin perpendicularity.

IBM-Certified 4mm Data Cartridges

Provides precision-matched tape reels and guaranteed reel-heights, proprietary hub lock, and laser-optical tape alignment.

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